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Holtyn & Associates, LLC provides award winning comprehensive worksite wellness programs to companies that want to improve the health of their employees, increase performance and boost their bottom line. Specifically, our "One-to-One at the Worksite" program makes wellness fun and easy for employees. We make personal contact at your location. We follow up. We help create a culture of wellness. As a result, our partners enjoy high participation rates and reduced health risk, which improves their return on investment.

"Our partnership with Holtyn & Associates, LLC, began in 2005 and has resulted in a 100% participation rate. Our employees impoved their health status moving from 49% to 68% Low or No Risk. Participating spouses have also seen improvements with 93% at Low or No Risk. The program has developed real loyalty among our employees. While they understand why we need to do it from a business perspective, on the personal side they’ve learned that the company really does care about them. They’ve seen that management decisions have changed people’s lives."

— David Baum CEO, Hastings Fiberglass

"I eat healthier and drink water daily. During my follow-up visit with my coach, my oxygen fitness number went up. I lost inches on my waist and my overall numbers improved. I can't wait to have my six-month follow up to see how much healthier I am."

— Custodial Supervisor, Western Michigan University

"Employees and their spouses have overwhelmingly voiced their appreciation and satisfaction with Holtyn & Associates LLC “One to One” program. Our annual reports have documented an increasing culture of wellness, significant elimination of health risks and promotion of healthier behaviors. If you are contemplating a wellness program for your organization we strongly recommend you consider partnering with Holtyn & Associates LLC. Ken Holtyn and his staff do a fantastic job and we are convinced that when it comes to improving the wellness of your associates and their spouses this approach provides the best ROI in more ways than one."

— Bill Rohr, Vice President Human Resources, Flexfab

"The coach I'm working with is what I think of as my personal cheerleader. I truly love the fact that Holytn & Associates is helping me make life changes and that they are not pulling me through this process. They are holding my hand and guiding me through the things that I really want to change, and I am seeing so many changes."

— Program Participant